D.S. Willetts (Stainless) Ltd

We are a specialist stainless steel profiling company offering cut sheet and plate in all the major austenitic grades. We stock 304/L (1.4301/1.4307) and 316L (1.4401/1.4404) from 1mm to 100mm thick,321 (1.4541) from 1mm to 65mm thick,310 (1.4845) from 1.5mm to 20mm thick and Duplex UNS31803/2205 (1.4462) from 3mm to 50mm thick. We also offer cut pieces of Durbar Floorplate from 3mm to 6mm thickness.

All material is cast identified and covered by full mill certificates which are supplied free of charge with every order.

Main Contact Details

Phone: 01902 404 221
Fax: 01902 405 705
Email: sales@dswilletts.co.uk

Murdoch Road
West Midlands
United Kingdom
WV14 7HG

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Additional Contacts

Dennis WillettsManaging Director01902 404 221sales@dswilletts.co.uk
Ian WillettsCompany Secretary01902 404 221sales@dswilletts.co.uk
Neil WillettsWorks Manager01902 404 221sales@dswilletts.co.uk
Phil JonesQuality Manager01902 404 221sales@dswilletts.co.uk


Architecture Building and Construction:  Floorplate

Flat Products (Coil, Sheet, Strip, Plate):  Blanks, Circles, Plasma cut pieces, Cold sawn pieces

Sections:  Profiles - special

Products provided IN-HOUSE


Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Plasma cutting, Sawing, Shearing

Services provided IN-HOUSE


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