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Anopol is the UK’s largest group offering electropolishing, pickling, passivating and cleaning treatments for stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloys.

over 40 years experience, Anopol can rightly claim to be the market leader in chemical and electrochemical processing of stainless steel, and other metals, for a wide spectrum of industrial, decorative and functional applications.

In addition to offering sub-contract services, plant and chemicals, Anopol can also supply an extensive range of pickling, passivating and general cleaning products for stainless steels. These are suitable for for use by companies who wish to carry out their own processing.

Anopol operates from 2 sites, one in Birmingham and the other in Bordon, Hampshire.


Main Contact Details

Phone: 01420 488753
Fax: 01420 488239

Bordon Trading Estate
United Kingdom
GU35 9HH

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Additional Contacts

Tony MustillManaging Director01420 488


Process Plant:  Electropolishing plant, Electropolishing products

Surface Treatment Products:  Passivating products, Pickling chemicals, Pickling pastes

Water and Sewage Treatment:  Effluent treatment equipment

Products provided IN-HOUSE


Cleaning and Restoration:  Cleaning of buildings, Refurbishment of components, Refurbishment of fabrications

Information and Advisory:  Advisory, Consultancy

Surface Treatment:  Descaling, Electropolishing - in-house, Passivating, Pickling

Services provided IN-HOUSE


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