“POLIFILM are a global manufacturer and market leader of Polyethylene products. We produce many LDPE products to service a huge and diverse market place, from low-tack protection films, to automotive products, agricultural films, food-packaging, and aerospace.

Here at POLFILM UK we have supplied the UK and Irish markets since the 1980s with low-tack protective film products. These are designed to offer short and mid-term protection for any sensitive material – be it stainless steel, painted surfaces, plastic sheets, glass or ceramics.

We have had a long-standing relationship with the metals industry here, and our products are used widely to offer processing and transit protection, in such markets as architectural, pre-paint cladding, stainless and aluminium sheet stock holders, laser-cutting services and many more.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail by delivering the best service levels in our industry. We maintain this optimum performance for all our customers, no matter how big or small your requirement may be. As a privately-owned global business, our continued investment allows us to provide unparalleled service to our UK manufacturing customers.

Our UK stock holding, converting and distribution facility, based in the Midlands, has the most diverse range of Surface Protection Films available for all manufacturing sectors. Over 150 product variants are in stock at any one time reaching up to 15 million square metres held in the UK alone, and our range of adhesive coated and non-coated co-extruded protective films cover each and every area of manufacturing.

As well as JIT deliveries, stock holding and general supply, we also offer technical advice and support, and work closely with market leading companies in designing new, more efficient products. A recent example is our development of laser cutting films, for both CO2 and Fibre technology, which now includes a completely clear laser cutting film. This is unique in the market and allows users to examine and identify the sheet prior to laser cutting.

We are also committed to new technologies and environmental issues, and from our multi-million Pound R&D facility in Germany are developing alternatives to oil and plastic based materials, making sure that we lead from the front when it comes to Sustainability, now and in years to come.”

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Email: sales@poli-film.co.uk

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