Wheelabrator Impact Finishers

Established for some 45 years, Impact Finishers are part of the Wheelabrator Group who have been involved with the surface preparation and shot peening business for over 100 years.

The company provide a full range of specialised sub contract shot peening and related surface treatments including: architectural shot peen texturing, controlled shot peening, peen forming; correction of distortion; super finishing, plastic media stripping; controlled abrasive blasting and stress corrosion cracking solutions.

Core business sectors are: Architecture; Aerospace; Motor Sport; Chemical;
Automotive and Medical.

Many aerospace approvals are held by Impact Finishers including NADCAP, EN ISO 9001:2000 (FM12623), Rolls Royce and Airbus etc.

Impact Finishers are very experienced in the shot peen processing of stainless steel and have completed several large transport infrastructure shot peen cladding projects in recent months. In addition the company’s experience extends to other prestigious stainless steel components such as sculptures, street signs and street furniture all of which can benefit greatly from shot peen finishing.

In addition the company apply controlled fatigue enhancement shot peening to precision offshore drilling applications including collars.

A selection of media is used in the peening processes and many finishes have been developed to suit most solutions in stainless steel. More exotic media are being developed and tested all the time creating new finishes to interest architects, cladding contractors, and clients. All processing is controlled and repeatability assured by means of full utilization of automated machines.

Impact Finishers has built its reputation and growth around a solid dynamic experienced team who provide a service which stands out in the treatments industry.

There are two branches of Impact Finishers within the UK. The facilities are situated at Coventry in the midlands and Slough to the west of London.

Main Contact Details

Phone: 01753 215 676
Fax: 01753 215 670
Email: chris.pallot@noricangroup.com

107 - 109 Whitby Road
United Kingdom

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Chris PallotBusiness Development Manager07798 695 944chris.pallot@noricangroup.com
Tony GrammauroGeneral Manager01753 215 676tony.grammauro@noricangroup.com
Christian TyrollQuality Manager01753 215 676christian.tyroll@noricangroup.com


Catering:  Work surfaces

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Cleaning and Restoration:  Refurbishment of components, Refurbishment of fabrications

Design Services:  Plant design

Forming:  Bending

Surface Treatment:  Bead blasting, Shot peening

Information and Advisory:  On-site training

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