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Training Overview

Whatever the industry, there are always new people entering for the first time and the stainless steel industry is no different. However, the BSSA recognises that there is a continual need for training and education to increase and strengthen the knowledge base of the stainless steel industry. With this in mind the BSSA offers different courses and seminars throughout the year at a variety of different locations. Courses include the new 'A Beginners Guide to Stainless Steel, the popular ‘Understanding Stainless Steel’ which can be used as a stepping stone to the ‘Stainless Steel Specialist Course’. Other courses and seminars include 'Heat Treatment: Principles and Practice', 'Mechanical Testing Techniques' and the ‘Fabrication Seminar’.

A Beginners Guide to Stainless Steel - 3 Hour Course

A Beginners Guide to Stainless Steel is a precursor to the successful Understanding Stainless Steel course. This course runs for 3 hours and is designed to be less technical in content. It is run as a public or in-house course. more++

Understanding Stainless Steel - 1 Day Course

This extended course provides an overview of the types of stainless steel available, with emphasis on structure, properties and end uses. An important aim is to provide up-to-date information to help with the selection of the most appropriate grade(s). A comprehensive technical manual is provided for each delegate.

They are available throughout the year and are held at different locations. more++

Heat Treatment: Principles and Practice - 1 Day Course

This course aims to provide a grounding in the heat treatment regimes applied to common industrial metals and relates their properties to the microstructural changes induced by the treatments.      more++

Mechanical Testing Techniques - 1 Day Course

This course gives a grounding in the range of mechanical properties and associated metrics measured for metals together with detailed descriptions of the test methods and equipment used. more++

BSSA Tailored Training

This is designed mainly for "in-house" use. Some companies may find that their training needs are not covered by the "standard" BSSA courses. Tailored training is a flexible method for meeting the specific needs of a company. Price is agreed on an individual basis. more++

Stainless Steel Specialist Course

The BSSA Stainless Steel Specialist Course was launched in 2002 with the aim of providing a recognised industry standard for knowledge of stainless steel. The course provides valuable information on all aspects of stainless steel, and is proven to improve companies and individuals performance and customer service levels. more++

RIBA Continuing Professional Development Training

Architecture, Building and Construction is an important and growing sector for stainless steel. Every year, the BSSA provides seminars for those interested in using stainless steel in building and construction. The RIBA approved programme, jointly developed with the Nickel Institute, comprises four individual modules covering all aspects of stainless steel including a basic introduction, design and fabrication, selecting and specifying surface finishes and the use of stainless steel as a structural material. more++

Stainless Steel Fabrication Seminars

Stainless Steel Fabrication seminars are held on various topics and provide a thorough introduction to stainless steel and good design, fabrication and workshop practice. more++


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