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Category: Martensitic & PPN Hardening Grades

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  1. European EN Standard Grade Summary

    A summary of the EN standards for stainless steel products showing which grades appear in which standards.

  2. Specifying stainless steel for spring applications

    BSEN 10151 (strip) and BSEN 10272-3 (wire) for springs are outlined. The grades in each standard are tabulated and compared to the BS5770-4 and BS2056 which they replace, where grades such as 301S21 301S81 302S26 302S25 and 305S11 were specified. Grades listed include 1.4016 1.4021 1.4028 1.4031 1.4568 (17/7 PH type) 1.4310 1.4301 1.4401 1.4369 1.4372 and 1.4568 Mechanical properties in the cold worked (temper rolled for strip, drawn for wire) conditions are shown. Heat treated properties for precipitation hardening grade 1.4568 wire are also shown.

  3. Stainless Steel Grades Datasheets

    Summary of links to websites for download of stainless steel grade datasheets

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