Classification of Stainless Steel

Each of the stainless steel ?families? or types (ferritic, martensitic, austenitic, duplex and precipitation hardenable (PH)) are described in more detail than SSAS 1.1 The atomic (crystallographic) structures body centred cubic (bcc) and face centred cubic (fcc) cover ferritic and austenitic types respectively. The chromium ranges, mechanical strength, and magnetic properties are compared and examples of grades for each type of stainless steel given. These include 1.4003 (3Cr12) 1.4016 (430) ferritic, 1.4028 (420S45) 1.4057 (431) 1.4418 (248SV) martensitics, 1.4301 (304/304S31) 1.4307 (304L/304S11) 1.4401 (316/316S31) 1.4404 (316L/316S31) austenitics, 1.4460 (2205 / 318S13) 1.4501 duplex and 1.4542 (17/4PH 17/4 17-4) and 1.4594 (520B) precipitation hardenable grades.


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