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Happy Birthday to BS Stainless

30 Jan 2018

BS Stainless are celebrating their 20th year in business. It seems hard to believe that they are leaving their teenage years behind and moving into their third decade but that time is rapidly approaching.


Back in 1998, BS Stainless emerged as a brand new company, bringing together the experience of its founders to create a new, dynamic presence in the field. They set out with the intention of providing the very finest products at continually competitive prices and quickly established the company as a force to be reckoned with. With the knowledge that they were moving in the right direction, they continued to develop these strategies and soon had a strong customer base which recognised their unique dedication to delivering the best.


Stainless steel is a particularly changeable field to work in, with many factors affecting its availability and price.  The cost of raw materials and their availability causes the price of stainless steel to change all the time and can mean difficulties for end users, especially small businesses. Managing these changes and lessening their effects on businesses has been one of the major focuses at BS Stainless right from the start and, due to the exceptional amount of material they hold in stock combined with their superior purchasing power, they have continued to offer the most competitive market price possible throughout the changes.


BS Stainless would like to thank all of their customers for their continued support throughout the years and look forward to continuing their work as the new year progresses and they hit the 20 year milestone in their company’s development. Happy Birthday!


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