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BS Stainless Engineer Becomes Chartered

15 Jun 2017

BS Stainless Limited employee Kashif Mohammad has become a chartered engineer, having been elected as a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). Kashif initially worked alongside Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) on a 2-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). The project was designed to develop new products and increase the manufacturing capabilities of BS Stainless, with a particular focus on metal cladding for oil and gas pipelines. Kashif went on to complete a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in recognition of his research titled “Development of jacketing systems for oil and gas pipeline insulation”.


The aim was to look at improving current cladding systems for instance by adding PVDF coating such as CoolMet® to exterior surfaces of stainless steel to help thermal radiation and allow reduction of the amount of insulation required for LNG pipelines. Another important issue addressed was the acoustic insulation by bonding a high density sound damping membrane to the metal (SoundMet®). The full range of products resulted in a unique and innovative production line able to produce several types of metal laminates including DuPont® Tedlar™, mass loaded vinyl, Surlyn® and many other materials to improve the properties of stainless steel or create barriers to prevent galvanic corrosion.


Other ancillary items made from stainless steel such as wing seals, expansion springs were extensively tested and improved. The added benefit was being able to manufacture these new products in the UK while reducing costs.


The new manufacturing process can be seen in action, along with further details of these innovative products on the following link:


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