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09 Mar 2017

Heyne Tillett Steel are structural engineers offering their services on a charity project based in London.


Project outline

The Met Police have donated 2 Tonne of confiscated knives and can provide more, if necessary. The aim is to re-forge these into something positive for community use. Heyne Tillett aim to provide a Calisthenics Gym within a London Borough linked with a high rate of knife crime (possibly Southwark, discussions with the Mayor of London are on-going). Calisthenics is a form of ‘street gymnastics’ developed in prisons, it is now a world–wide sport with competitions in all continents. London currently only has one community park gym, in Primrose Hill. See below for a link to the project website.


The useful steel (austenitic stainless) within the knife batch provided will be sorted. The aim is to melt this down, test and grade, re-forge into plates and create hollow sections for parts of the gym.


Heyne Tillett would like to find a suitable forge able to help with this. They would also like to find someone to create the sections they require (preferably SHS sections, but they are open to ideas!).


Heyne Tillett would also like to form completely non-structural castings for decorative pieces and signage for the gym and are hoping to use stainless knife steel for this too.


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