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Stewart Fraser Ltd, Stainless Clad Handrails for the Rathbone Market Development in London

03 Feb 2015

Stewart Fraser Ltd recently developed and manufactured bespoke balcony handrails for the new apartments in the Rathbone Market Development in London. In total, some 1,700 metres of bespoke fabrication work was involved.


The requirement was to work with the contractor and design a handrail with an aluminium core and with brushed stainless steel cladding around it. The project requirement was for straight profiles and swept profiles with a 9m radius.


Once the design of the aluminium core was agreed, Stewart Fraser Ltd started development work on fabricating the stainless steel outer shell. The assembled handrail was then delivered to the customer for approval and sign off.


The swept version followed the same initial process as the straight version but the aluminium core and stainless steel outer shell were then separately stretch bent to the required radii’s on specially developed tooling. Every bend was checked to a manufactured checking jig which ensured the correct curve was being produced.


Both straight and curved cores had adhesive applied and the relevant stainless steel outer cladding slid over and clamped to allow the adhesive to take effect. Once the adhesive had cured, the handrail then had the relevant end condition machined. All handrails were then protectively taped and packaged and shipped to site.


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