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EN 10088

09 Oct 2014

The latest revision of the key standards EN 10088 Parts 1-3 has been published October 2014.

These standards were last revised in 2005 so they have served the industry well for nearly 10 years. The main changes are:

  • 21 new grades across Parts 2 and Part 3, of which 7 are common to both. Some of these are already familiar in the market, notably the lean duplex grades 1.4062, 1.4162, 1.4662 1.4882 and ferritic grades 1.4611 and 1.4613. Some are less so, for example 1.4618, 1.4615, 1.4150 and 1.4612.
  • Changes to the chemical compositions and/or mechanical properties of existing grades, particularly for bright bars in EN 10088-3.
  • Introduction of "one prime side" concept in the EN 10088-2. This is a well-known idea which was included in the old BS1449-2 but never included in the replacement EN standard until now.
  • New cold rolled surface finish 2A in EN 10088-2 for ferritic grades - bright pickled and skin passed
  • Inclusion of references to the latest dimensional tolerance standards for flat products in EN 10088-2. ISO 18286 for quarto plate, ISO 9444 for hot rolled coil products, ISO 9445 for cold rolled coil products. These standards have been availabe for some time but were issued after 2005 so this is the first oppportunity to include them in EN 10088-2.
  • Standard inspection report EN 10204 2.2. Previously, there was no standard report type. It is expected that a 3.1 or 3.2 report will still be required by most customers.



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