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Government Industrial Strategy for the Metals Sector

11 Sep 2014







The Metals Forum (of which the BSSA is a member), in conjunction with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) are moving forward in the process of developing an Industrial Strategy for Metals. Several key end use sectors such as automotive, oil and gas, construction and aerospace have already developed their strategies and they can be found by clicking here. Funding for the project is coming from BIS and from the individual Associations within Metals Forum.


The UK's Metals sectors in 2012 comprised 24,000+ enterprises, directly employing over 330,000 people and were worth over £45.5bn to the UK economy with a gross value added of £16.5bn. They are a crucial part of a knowledge based, high skilled economy and are vital as a foundation for many of the UK’s strategic supply chains and the UK’s long term environmental sustainability.


For the first time the UK’s Metals sectors are coming together to articulate their compelling vision of the future for metals in the UK. They will be setting out future pathways for metals in the UK in areas such as skills, innovation and sustainability. Crucially they will be working with key stakeholders such as customers and supply chain companies, Government and Trades Unions to build the partnership models necessary for long term success.


After the original scoping study earlier this year, specific work-streams have now been established and over 60 people from across the metals sector (including several from the BSSA member companies) are now contributing to work on the following subjects. These work-streams are overseen by the Metals Forum Steering Group chaired by Jon Bolton of Tata Steel.


•    Education, Skills and Training
•    Supply Chain & Partnerships
•    Innovation & R&D
•    Sustainability
•    Communication & Promotion

(The latter of which is co-chaired by Nigel Ward of the Nickel Institute and Paul Barker of the BSSA)


There is a great deal of work to be done and the output from these groups will lead to the development of a strategy document which will be presented to BIS in early December 2014 and launched in 2015. Beyond that point a Strategy Delivery Group will move to centre stage to make sure that agreed proposals are implemented and planned benefits achieved. A healthy, efficient and flourishing Metals Sector is critical to the long term success of the UK economy and this is our opportunity to make sure this is more broadly understood and has the full support of Government.


We will update you again on progress – let us know if you would like any further information and please help and support any work-stream members who approach you for comment or information.


Ian Hetherington DG BMRA opens the launch meeting



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