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Kiveton Park Steel News

07 May 2014

Kiveton Park Steel has now developed processes for the manufacture of cold drawn wire and bar in stainless steels. The company produces and supplies Round, Hexagon and special customer shapes either to order or ex stock, including centreless ground, peeled or polished finishes. A wide range of Stainless Steels in the 300 and 400 series through to 17-4PH and the Duplex range of Stainless steels are produced. Other bespoke grades are available in a variety of metric and imperial sizes


Bright drawing of stainless steel bar and wire is designed to achieve the mechanical strengths and Global fastener specifications for most applications. Stainless steel products are used in most industrial markets including Petrochemical, Engineering, Offshore, Aerospace / Defence, Nuclear and Automotive to name just a few.

Kiveton Park steel manufactures High Tensile Stainless Steel in 304 and 316 materials converted by cold drawing to form the material base for fastener specifications A2-70, A2-80, A4-70, A4-80, B8 Class 2 and B8M Class 2.

The company also has a number of batch or atmosphere controlled furnaces to heat treat materials for customers who require easier machine ability or additional strength within the required mechanical specifications.


Wire drawing – Coils up to 3 tonnes, 4.50 – 35.00mm Diameter.
Cutting to Length – Up to 75mm Diameter  – Max Lengths available in 12 meters. Bar Drawing/Reeling – up to 75mm Diameter. shapes, drawn from coils or bars- Lengths up to 8 meters.
Heat Treatment – Materials can be annealed, stress relieved using atmosphere controlled or batch methods, hardened and tempered or stress relieved.
Peeling – From 20 – 80mm Diameter bar to bar processing only – Max  Lengths available 12 meters
Grinding – Precision grinding available across the full size range 5 –75mm Diameter
Chamfering – One or both ends 8 – 60m.
Crack Detection – in or offline for bars 7 – 70mm.
Ultrasonic Inspection – Offline up to 50mm dia.
Testing – All materials are tested in the site Laboratory/Metallurgical department. Mill and test certificates supplied with the finished material, where necessary.


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