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Eure Inox Editorial, Tube & Wire March 2014

18 Mar 2014

Eure Inox Srl, are a privately owned company, based near Milan, Italy, who continue to be recognised as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of both Stainless Steel Wire and Bar, producing 15,000 - 18,000 tonnes per annum, with plans to increase this volume in 2014, as detailed below.


There is a significant amount of Wire Rod / Raw Material stock held in stock, totalling approximately 10,000 tonnes, which is predominantly of EU origin, thereby ensuring a fully traceable product, which along with specific routes of manufacturing, allow the consistency, and quality of the finished product to be of the highest level.


It is through the forward thinking of our owner, Mr Renato Nemfardi, that Eure Inox continue to expand and develop, as in 2014 it is planned to increase the depth of raw material stock to around 15,000 tonnes, allowing for even greater efficiencies within the manufacturing process.


In a World that demands an ever more efficient service, it is in utilising these large resources of raw material that allows Eure Inox to offer the market an almost unique service, whereby for any requirements not available from stock, the manufacturing process for many items is only 7 / 10 days, through to a few weeks maximum !

2014 is proving to be a “ milestone “ year for our company, as in addition to the increased investment in stocks, Eure Inox are currently installing an In-Line annealing plant, along with multi-die drawing machinery, which allows for an additional 300 tonnes per month output of Wire products.


Our product details are briefly listed below :


•    Material Grades : 302, 303/Cu(+), 304/L(+), 304Cu, 310, 314, 316/L(+), 316Cu, 316Ti, 321, 410, 416, 420B/C(+), 430/F, 440B, 17-4PH, Duplex, Lean Duplex & Super Duplex
•    Wire Rod (HRAP):                        5.50mm – 30.00mm Dia
•    Bright/Annealed Wire:                   0.80mm – 20.00mm Dia
•    Bright Finished/Ground Bar:          1.50mm – 100.00mm Dia ( h6 – h11 )
•    Hot Rolled Bar:                             25.00mm – 100.00mm Dia ( k11 – k13 )
•    ACD Square/Hexagon Bar:            2.00mm – 50.00mm A/F ( h10 – h11 )
•    Re-Inforcing Bar:                           3.00mm – 30.00mm Dia ( BS / EN )
•    Shaped Wire/Bar available

To promote these exciting changes within the company, Eure Inox will be participating for the first time at Wire & Tube 2014, where you are welcome to meet our experienced, and knowledgeable team, who can help with your enquiries, though for further information, sales literature or technical information, please contact:


Eure Inox Srl.
Hall 12   Stand A70 (Italy)        (UK)


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