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Canal Engineering Launches Training Academy

17 Feb 2014

Canal Engineering has set up an EAL accredited Training Academy at their manufacturing site in Nottingham. The CEATA Training Academy trains ambitious people in the art of metalwork, fabrication, and welding to achieve the acquisition of sustainable and transferrable skills for a career.

The training received and qualification achieved at the academy meets the national requirements and recognised by respected employers throughout the UK.

CEATA offers government sponsored pre-employment courses, intermediate apprenticeships, and specific CE marking up-skill training, along with a number of other technical courses.


CE Marking
Funding in the UK is becoming available to use to match fund employers up to £672 (employer contribution), and CEATA will also contribute £672. This funding will be used to up-skill existing staff to help employers meet the new quality demands of the upcoming CE Marking regulations; BS EN 1090 and BS EN 3834.


Pre-Employment Programme
The pre-employment programme provides a suitable opportunity for unemployed people who demonstrate their work readiness and competence to be recruited by employers wishing to invest in a stronger workforce.


CEATA provides funding for the training of apprentices. Government sponsored places are available for two age bands;
 16 – 18 years
 19+ years
CEATA is committed to providing a quality service and is registered with Nottingham City Council’s (NCC) Apprenticeship Hub. The Hub aims to match young people with appropriate employers and training.


Nottingham City Council
Nottingham City Council has secured a deal with the government, which includes investment for apprenticeship opportunities for local residents. Their objective is to generate 1,000 apprenticeship opportunities by March 2015 by;
- Stimulating demand for apprenticeships from Nottingham based employers
- Increasing awareness of apprenticeships amongst young people and parents
- Supporting young people to develop the skills needed to meet employer demand
- Ensuring the provider based operating in Nottingham is able to meet the needs of employers


If you are an employer or new to the welding and fabrication industry, CEATA Training Academy has a course designed for you. Visit the website for a full course list here, and fill out the online application form here.
For more information on what is best for you, contact the CEATA Manager, Gary Gwynne, today on 0115 986 6321 or via email





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