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Teknomek interesting facts about the Death Star in Star Wars

11 Apr 2013

Teknomek offer the finest bespoke steel products that meet the exacting requirements of all our customers. We offer professional advice as to which products will suit and oversee the project from start to finish.

One bespoke steel product we could not possibly manufacture is the Death Star of Star Wars fame, however we can tell you a few interesting facts about it.

It is calculated that it would require one quadrillion tons of steel to build a Death Star like those that featured in the Star Wars movies.

To source the steel for a bespoke steel solution such as this it would cost an estimated £541,261 trillion and take the globe 833,315 years to produce enough steel to begin work as the world produces around 1.3 billion tonnes annually.

However we can use our in-house Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) team to turn your real life sketches into a reality. We test the engineering practicalities of each bespoke steel design and when required, suggest modifications that will make them work to maximum efficiency.The stainless steel bespoke item is then manufactured and hand made in our state of the art British factory. All of this is turned around for you within 10 working days!



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