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NEUMO A Name to Be Reckoned With

27 Mar 2013

Neumo UK Ltd, formally known as Damstahl Stainless Ltd, is a name to be
reckoned with as the UK’s leading supplier of hygienic & industrial tubes, fittings,
flanges & box sections.

The change of name not only reflects the company’s position within the NEUMO –
Ehrenberg Group & AWH (Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH) but also it’s desire
to secure its foothold in reaching new UK markets, particularly in the Hygienic
and pharmaceutical industries.

As part of the AWH group, customers now have access to a wide range of valves,
tank cleaning equipment, DIN tubes & fittings and the Neumo MaxPure range of
pharmaceutical tubes & fittings. It is with this range that Neumo now hope to
fulfil the requirements of fluid handling systems, Bio-gas, food, dairy, brewery
processing and also pharmaceutical & biotech industries.

The conversion has been a swift one in the UK; however this is a company of
some standing, founded in 1859 as a fitting factory and metal-casting house in
the former East German town of Hötensleben. The company was renamed
Armaturenwerk Hötensleben in 1948 and up until 1989 was responsible for the
manufacture of valves and fittings for the food industry and employed around
800 people. Butterfly valves were in fact produced for the whole of the food
industry in the former GDR and other socialist countries, namely Russia and

After the fall of the wall over 14,000 state-owned enterprises were sold, broken
up or liquidated by the Treuhandanstalt (Trust Agency). AWH was taken over by
NEUMO-Ehrenberg-Group in 1992 with 80 employers. Expansion over the
following twenty years included the building of new pipe storage facility at
Hötensleben, a shipping and storage department for fittings, a new production
hall for the manufacture of CNC, and the opening of warehouses in Essenbach
(Bavaria). Offices in Lyon, France followed with a further facility in Vienna,

The AWH Group now employ over 360 employees including 30 trainees on their
own internal training programme. They handle stainless steel in many different
grades and also manufacture custom made articles to customer’s specifications,
from complex filter housing and welding constructions, small tanks and swing
bend panels to double wall panels and pipe systems. They have a vast product
range including Butterfly valves from DN10 up to DN 200, Pigging systems and
cleaning equipment for tanks, machinery, containers and road tankers. 

With the backing of such an established group it is the intention of Neumo UK
Ltd to supply all of the components, tubing, equipment and subassemblies made
of stainless steel or special alloys which can be installed in all fluid handling
systems. Furthermore, as a manufacturer Neumo are also able to offer in-depth
expertise and a wealth of experience with uncompromising dedication to quality
providing a consistent degree of benefit for clients and partners.

To facilitate this transition and to ensure they were fully equipped to operate
a seamless supply chain, Neumo were tasked with replacing the existing
computer system operated under Damstahl, this would require a fully
integrated communication system, involving commercial and processing
functionality. After researching several widely implemented ERP packages,
Neumo appointed Metalogic – the UK’s leading supplier of integrated software
systems solely dedicated to the management functionality required by Metal
distributors and processors.

With an extremely challenging lead time of only three months for
implementation it was essential that the right company and the right product
was selected to meet Neumo’s exacting standards, whilst offering the
flexibility for growth.

As a supplier to the Hygienic fluid system industry it was essential that NEUMO
can offer a ‘rapid response’ in particularly in the supply of emergency
replacement products. iMetal provides this functionality through its real time
information and it’s industry specific ‘just in time’ approach and its proactive
work flow reporting, allowing Neumo to hit the targets in this challenging

With their experience of over 100 implementations Metalogic was able to
offer the complete turn-key solution that was required. The functionality
offered by iMetal is ideally suited to businesses requiring streamlined
business processes within their market place, this is delivered through realtime
pro-active reporting and exception information, provided to the user’s to
allow them to react to market situations.

Some of the modules that have been implemented by Neumo are:
· Integrated Costing and Price Books
· Sales Order Processing
· Full ISO Traceable Stock Control
· Production Planning and Management
· Purchase Order Processing
· Stock Forecasting and Planning
· Picking, Loading and Despatch
· Integrated Electronic and document storage and retrieval
· Integrated Certificate of conformity and mill test certification
· Automated, electronic delivery of certification and documents
· Invoicing and Automated Credit Control
· Comprehensive Management Reporting
· Integrated Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledger
· Fully Integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

iMetal also provided key functionality in the area of managing outwork
processes. This is vital in allowing control and visibility in this difficult area
and through hitting on time customer service targets. With its graphical
representation of sales and profitability statistics and the simple tools it
contains for categorising and searching customers and prospects, iMetal was
considered the perfect match to meet Neumo’s informational requirements.

Following an initial review of the business processes involved, a series of
workshops were held, this allowed not only the main workflows to be
identified but by involving the business expertise of the Metalogic consultants
a number of process improvements were identified.

With no time to offer the usual “simulated go-live” operation and a very small
administrative team on site at Neumo’s office in Telford, the team at
Metalogic were tasked with responding to the huge challenges of
implementation. The training of staff, transfer of product codes and the
management of data transfer from the existing system was supported and
facilitated by the Metalogic technical team ensuring a smooth transition to the
new system.

AWH has an extensive quality management system, with state-of-art
measurements and test procedures the quality is checked and documented
during the whole manufacturing process. This is supported by the material
specification module in iMetal that allows full traceability and supports the
cast analysis requirements of the sector.

The move to break into these new markets is a timely one. The UK food and
drink manufacturing industry produces some of the world's best loved brands
and plays a vital role in underpinning the economy through its ongoing efforts
to promote growth. It is also the largest manufacturing sector in the UK with
a turnover of £76bn with the industry contributing £20.6bn in Gross Value
Added to the economy and represents 16% of total manufacturing output in
the UK.

Equally the pharmaceutical industry remains a jewel in the UK’s scientific and
industrial crown. The UK has always traditionally been a base for high quality
pharmaceutical manufacturing, particularly of innovative medicinal products
and delivery systems, and is a highly successful centre in the area of large
molecules and biological innovation. The pharmaceutical sector has, over the
past decade, generated an ever-widening trade surplus (i.e. more exports
and therefore money into the country than imports which means money out
of the country), reaching almost £7 billion in 2009.

It is in these area’s that Neumo UK, aim to break new ground and continue
the growth of this historic international company. Working with Metalogic
with its customer base of over 100 stockists and processors throughout the
World, Neumo UK will be able to take advantage of the continuing
development of functionality and technology that comes from the leading
industry solution.





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