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Largest Cold Bent Tubes in the World Supplied to Sopot Outdoor Opera in Poland

23 Jan 2013

After recently celebrating its century anniversary, Sopot’s Forest Opera in Poland is currently undergoing a huge renovation. The Opera rebuilding project will see the structure’s unique location brought together with 21st century facilities and one of the best sound and vision systems in Europe.

The £16.6 million (75 million zł) re-design contains the largest ever cold bent arches, curved by West Midlands based company, Barnshaw Section Benders. The modernized, open-air amphitheater, which sits in the picturesque Sopot forest, will be covered by a bowstring structure, shaped by two arches spanning 90m.

The project involved Barnshaws bending 16 steel tubes at 1300 cut diameter, which were bent to a radii of 49.785m. Supplied by Interfare Rohr Union, each tube was 70mm thick, with the largest section weighing 26 tonnes. Contractors acknowledge that previous options of producing structures such as these were limited to induction bending or producing the curve by a series of facets, which is not so appealing architecturally.


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