Stainless Steel - 100 Not Out!100 years of Stainless Steel

2013 marks 100 years since stainless steel was discovered in Sheffield. The BSSA have selected 50 applications and features that demonstrate how stainless steel has influenced our lives so far.



Stainless Steel Helps Clear the Air

The airbag specified for use in vehicles traces its origins back as early as 1941. Dual front airbags are now an integral part of road safety and are mandatory in all cars from the 1998 model year onwards.

The airbag inflator system includes a filter. This component uses knitted stainless steel wire mesh to prevent unwanted particles entering or damaging the airbag and to cool the expanding gas following activation.

Stainless steel is used mainly for its anti-corrosive properties, giving durability over the lifetime of the vehicle.

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