50 grades of stainless steel

The BSSA has selected 50 Grades of Stainless Steel as its theme for 2014. Each week throughout the year, we will showcase one grade and illustrate the variety of corrosion resistant, mechanical and physical properties which determine its suitability for a wide range of applications.



A286/660 1.4980 S66286

A286 is an austenitic precipitation hardened (PH) stainless steel. It has excellent creep strength and can be used at higher temperatures (up to 700°C) than the 12% CrMoV martensitic stainless steels.

Approximate Composition – 15% Cr, 25.0% Ni, 1.3% Mo, 0.30% V, 0.05% C, 2.0% Ti, 0.15% Al (Exact composition ranges vary between EN and ASTM standards).

This grade combines the following characteristics:

  • Moderate strength – 900 MPa UTS, 600 MPa 0.2% PS at room temperature
  • Excellent high temperature strength – 460 MPa 0.2% PS at 550°C, 380 MPa at 650°C
  • Excellent creep strength – 415 MPa rupture stress at 550°C  at 100000 hours, 132 MPa at 650°C
  • Good toughness due to austenitic structure, even at cryogenic temperatures
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Very low magnetic permeability
  • Weldable with care.

A286 is a metallurgically complex stainless steel. Its main purpose is to provide high temperature creep strength. Creep is time dependent deformation at elevated temperatures. It does this using a precipitation hardening mechanism involving a compound of nickel, titanium and aluminium. This compound is formed in tiny particles by solution annealing at 980°C followed by an ageing treatment at about 720°C. It is these particles which impart the very high strength to this grade. Although not primarily designed for use at low temperatures, the combination of high strength, good toughness and non-magnetic properties make it a candidate for cryogenic applications.

Applications which illustrate these features include:

Pressure equipment, high temperature bolting, steam turbines, nuclear reactors, gas turbines, rocket engines, jet engines, exhaust systems, cryogenics.

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