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Heat Treatment: Principles and Practice - 1 Day Course - Sheffield

Wednesday 25th March 2020


HQ, Blades Enterprise Centre, John Street, Sheffield, S2 4SW

This Course:

  • This course suits managers and technicians working in QA and  heat treatment of metals & metal products. It is also relevant to designers, specifiers & commercial people.
  • The course aims to provide a grounding in the heat treatment regimes applied to common  industrial metals and relates their properties to the microstructural changes induced by the treatments.
  • Includes a comprehensive technical manual.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the important structure-property relationships in ferrous and non ferrous metals and how heat treatment is used to modify structure and properties
  • Appreciate the distinction between equilibrium phase, TTT and CCT diagrams (Fe-Fe3C phase diagram example)
  • Understand how cooling rate influences steel hardness and gain familiarity with heat treatment regimes for steels and the microstructures that are developed
  • Learn about hardenability and how quench severity, carbon content, grain size and other alloying elements influence it
  • Know the important categories of non ferrous alloys and the typical heat treatments used to develop the required microstructure/properties
  • Understand the basic principles of carburising/carbonitriding and nitriding/nitrocarburising and the effect these treatments have on surface structure and properties
  • Appreciate the different furnace types used in heat treatment and how they are monitored and controlled

The cost is £190 (+VAT) for members and £250 (+VAT) for non-members. Refreshments and lunch are included. (And don’t forget that you can pay by credit or debit card).


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Photographs: Front Cover - Vacuum Heat Treatment Facility, courtesy of Tamworth Heat Treatment, Back Cover - Plasma Nightriding Station, courtesy of Rubig GmbH


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