A Day in the Life: Part 4

Saturday Morning


09.00 a.m.

After waking up, you and your friend both decide to go for a days shopping. So you walk to the train station and buy a ticket from the ticket machine  


09.17 a.m.



While waiting for the train, you decide to use the public toilet quickly

09.24 a.m.

Your train arrives and you both board one of the train carriages



10.39 a.m.



You arrive at your destination, but there are many ques to leave the station caused by crowd control barriers

10.58 a.m.

As you approach the shopping centre you both notice the nice roofing and cladding on the shopping centre  


11.09 a.m.



 You walk through the shopping centre and notice something you like through a shop window. You go into the shop through their shop front and start shopping

11.27 a.m.

There is a sports shop you want to go to upstairs, so you take the elevator 


11.46 a.m.


You get to the sports shop and decide to buy some gym equipment 

12.34 p.m

You both decide to find somewhere to get some lunch and you go to a cafe. You sit down and order a coffee which the waiter brings from a coffee machine  


12.40 p.m.

PR Teaboy

The waiter asks if you want to order any food, and you get a sandwich which is made using the catering equipment in the kitchen

1.07 p.m.

While eating the sandwich you notice the cafe has a chocolate fondue fountain. You both decide to treat yourself to ice cream and chocolate sauce


2.08 p.m.



You both decide to leave the shopping centre and therefore need to go down the escalator

2.23 p.m.

At the train station you both decide to go swimming, so you use a telephone box to ring two friends to see if they want to join you  


3.50 p.m.



You wait outside the sports centre for your friends. When they arrive one has brought their child, so you wait for them to play for five minutes on the playground equipment

4.00 p.m.

Then all five of you go swimming together in the swimming pool  


5.57 p.m.



After swimming you all go for a walk in the local park and you sit on a bench near a sculpture, before going back to a friend's house for dinner

22.36 p.m.

 Once arriving home you have a hot chocolate made from milk which has been stored in stainless steel storage tanks. Then you decide to go home  




This is just a taster of how stainless steel plays a dominant part within our everyday lives, and most of the time we don’t even realise. Due to the large assortment of stainless steel applications it is impossible to cover all in this document, however other interesting places to look out for stainless steel include in sports applications, transport, architecture, energy and gardening.



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