A Day in the Life: Part 3

4.27 p.m.

Your friend notices your wine rack, and so you both decide to have a glass of wine


4.28 p.m.



You use a corkscrew to open the bottle of wine

4.29 p.m

After serving the wine, you put the remainder of the bottle into an ice bucket to chill for later  


4.35 p.m. 



Your friend asks to borrow a lighter so she can go outside quickly for a cigarette 

4.36 p.m.

Your friend comes back in to see what she can use for an ashtray  


4.41 p.m.



The boiling vegetables are generating alot of steam, so you turn on the extractor hood to remove this from your home

4.46 p.m.

You use the microwave to heat a sauce to go on the BBQ meat  

John Schilling

5.53 p.m



After the meal you put all of the dishes in the sink to be washed later

6.01 p.m.

You then dispose of all your waste using the waste bin  


7.12 p.m.



You both decide to go to the local bar, where on arrival you order a cocktail which the barman uses a cocktail shaker to make

7.22 p.m.

Once you find a table you put the drink on a drinks coaster  


7.58 p.m.



Once the cocktail has gone, you both decide to drink shots, in which at the bar the barman uses a shot measure to serve you 

11.30 p.m.  

Once you get home, you decide to do some bedtime reading so you put on your reading glasses. After reading you turn off the bedside lamp before going to sleep 


11.31 p.m.


As you lay in bed you notice a picture frame on the wall from when you was on holiday and you wish you were there again now 

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