A Day in the Life: Part 2

08.00 a.m.


Matthew Maaskant

 You then walk to the bus station, where you wait for your bus to work

08.54 a.m.

Due to heavy traffic you get to work late, and rush to find diskette where all your work is stored




09.51 a.m.



You get a call from a customer, so you use a pen to write down their details

10.05 a.m.

The customer wants to buy a product, so you use a calculator to calculate what they owe




10.37 a.m.

Aquazuro Stainless


Once you have all the documents you need about the customer, you use a stapler to keep them all together 

10.59 a.m.

 You use the hole punch to keep all the customers documents filed together


Aquazuro Stainless

11.44 a.m.



 You need to use the scissors to open a parcel that has arrived in the post

12.30 p.m.

For lunch you have a supermarket made sandwich, made from food processing equipment  


2.00 p.m


You finish work early because it is a Friday and your friend gives you a life home in their car, which has an exhaust system

2.26 p.m.

Once you get out of the car, you realise that it has a nice trim and you tell your friend  

Leonid Mamchenkov

3.11 p.m.



At home you realise you need some ingredients for cooking. So you take your motorbike to the local shop to collect a few things

3.17 p.m.

At the shop you use the bike railings to secure your motorbike       

Eli Duke

3.32 p.m.


While at the shop you use your mobile phone to ring your friend to see if she wants to join you for dinner 

4.02 p.m.

Your friend arrives and you both decide to have a BBQ for dinner as the weather is nice  


4.09 p.m.



You turn on the oven so it is preheated ready to use soon

4.17 p.m.

You use saucepans and pots to start cooking some vegetables to go with the BBQ meat  


4.19 p.m.



You need to start cooking the vegetables so you place the saucepan on the hob


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