A Day in the Life: Part 1 

It is surprising how overlooked stainless steel is as an everyday part of our lives. Rarely we notice it, or it may even be that we dont realise it is stainless steel.  Stainless steel is used for a vast amount of applications and below is a typical 'day in the life', where you can just see how often you really do come in contact with this versatlie material.  

Friday Morning 

07.00 a.m.

Ronaldo Taveira


You get woken up by your alarm clock

07.05 a.m.

You open the door handle on your way to the bathroom


07.06 a.m.



 It is dark so you turn on the lighting upon entering the bathroom

07.07 a.m.

 It is cold in the bathroom, so you increase the temperature on the radiator



07.08 a.m.


Steffan Nork

You use the water in the wash basin to wash your face before shaving 

07.09 a.m.

You take your razor blade and shaving equipment from its place on the stainless steel countertop



07.14 a.m.



You use a towel from the towel rail to dry your face after shaving

07.15 a.m.

You take a shower using the shower head and other stainless steel fittings



07.25 a.m.


Jessica Merz

After getting dressed you put on your watch and other jewellery

07.27 a.m.

You then go downstairs and make some breakfast using the toaster


Chris Kirkman

07.29 a.m.



Once cooked you place the toast in the toast rack while preparing some coffee

07.30 a.m.

You fill up the kettle using water from the tap



07.31 a.m.



 You boil the water using the kettle

07.31 a.m.

You take the milk and butter from the fridge  

Nick Farnhill

07.32 a.m.



You add milk and sugar to the coffee from the milk jug and sugar bowl

07.33 a.m.

 You use a knife to butter the toast  


07.40 a.m.



After you have eaten you place the dirty plates and cutlery into the dishwasher

07.53 a.m.

 Before leaving to go to work you put your washing in the washing machine, which has a stainless steel drum  


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