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Benefits of Membership

The BSSA is a member based organisation with the purpose of promoting greater use of stainless steel in the UK and Ireland and has four principal areas of activity:

  • Training and Education, includes beginner half-day and advanced 1-day stainless steel courses and other specialist courses on stainless steel, mechanical testing and heat treatment. Bespoke courses are also available. We also offer a distance learning course Stainless Steel Specialist Course (self-study modules with accompanying training notes).

  • Events - including business forums, seminars, conferences and social functions.
  • Market Development:
    • By working with our membership, government bodies and a wide range of industry organisations to focus on specific initiatives and project work. The BSSA has various internal committees such as Marketing and Technical and the Surface Finishers Section and belongs to wider informal groups addressing issues such as the increased use of stainless steel products in architecture, building and construction.
    • Through our contributions (in conjunction with our members) to standards and guidance documents.
    • Through our 4 module architectural CPD programme.

Our members represent all sectors of the industry and also, all stages of the supply chain and include producers, stockholders, processors and fabricators as well as companies providing services to the stainless steel industry.  During the past few years, membership of the BSSA has grown considerably, with 180 current members.

The main benefits of membership are:

  • Your company’s own profile page (see: BSSA Member List) on the BSSA website (which currently receives over 1.5 million page views per year and appears as the second item on Google search when “stainless steel” is searched for). We also display individual member’s news items prominently on our home page.
  • Your products and services listed in our ‘Find a Supplier' guide.
  • Free access to technical advice from the Stainless Steel Advisory Service.
  • Sales leads; the BSSA receives hundreds of product or service sourcing enquiries each year and member companies are always recommended first.
  • Receive a significant discount on BSSA training courses. Plus discounts on all BSSA products and services, including; seminars, publications, networking events and website advertising.
  • Promote your company news (accreditations, new facilities, prestigious projects, awards…) via the BSSA News page. We also post our news items on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Networking with other companies throughout the stainless steel supply chain.
  • Statistical market analysis.
  • A quarterly E-newsletter, keeping you up to date with new developments in the market and industry events and providing opportunities to contribute articles. 

And, on behalf of its members the BSSA is an active member of:

  • The Metals Forum which comprises the leading metal related trade associations. The aim of the members of the MF is to gain greater recognition by government and other key institutions of the size and significance of the metals industry to the UK economy.
  • The ISSF, the International Stainless Steel Forum.
  • The Confederation of British Industry (CBI). Through our contacts with the CBI and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, we are able to provide our members with key briefings on the evolution of Brexit as we start our negotiations for a new relationship with the EU.
  • Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry SCCI.

Becoming a Member

Application for membership of the BSSA is open to companies and associations trading or working with stainless steel from an office or institution registered in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.

Companies which are part of a larger group are treated as individual entities if they are located separately or engaged in different activities.

Companies providing goods and services to the stainless steel industry supply chain may join as Affiliate Members (annual fee starts at £884, the equivalent of £73.67 per month).

The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December and companies joining part way through the year would pay a fee proportionate to the number of months remaining.


2019 General membership fees fall into 5 fee bands determined by stainless steel related annual turnover:

There is an additional one-off joining fee of £75 + VAT.

Producers, distributors and raw material associations may be requested to pay a higher fee, based upon their overall share of the stainless steel market in the UK.

Fees are reviewed annually by the Board of the BSSA. The Board reserve the absolute right to approve, or otherwise, applications for membership and will not enter into correspondence regarding the reasons for their decisions.

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Alternatively, if you would like to enquire further about membership please complete the on-line membership enquiries form or contact Lucy on 0114 292 2639 or email:


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